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What if politicians stopped telling us what to think, and started asking what we want?

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Democracy should mean every voice is equal.

Vote on the issues, not the parties

MiVote empowers everyone to have an equal say, issue by issue, every time.

We hold politicians to account

Every MiVote powered representative must fight for the direction their community wants to go.

Secure voting for the 21st century

MiVote is run on a blockchain voting platform which is the most secure voting platform the world has to offer.

We’re taking the money out of politics.

MiVote and our representatives cannot accept corporate or special interest money, ever. Every voice should have the same power, regardless of bank balance or social stature.

We're live in Iowa!

The local MiVote Iowa team are working with universities & community groups, and expect to publish their first vote in 2018.

The Iowa team is growing rapidly and you can be a part of it!

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Orange Generation’s Marcel McClinton on why we need consensus around gun policy.

MiVote & Orange Generation is bringing the community together on gun policy.

We're holding a vote to #ChangeTheConversation

The conversation around gun violence in the country has stalled, because it focuses on what divides and not what unites us.

Starting this month, Orange Generation is running a series of events across the nation and inviting all perspectives to come to the table.

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Frequently asked questions

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How does voting work with MiVote?

MiVote is a platform for community decision-making that connects your community with your elected representatives.

We're not a party that wants to tell you what to do, nor are we a tech company trying to apply e-voting to elections.

Instead, MiVote asks you what direction you want your community to take into the future, issue by issue, and offers you the facts you need to make an informed decision.

For each issue, our world-leading policy model is used to understand the issue at hand. The MiVote policy team collects all the facts from research, publications, reports, etc, then consults with subject matter experts, then talks with representatives of community groups to find four potential destinations a community could aim for on that issue.

The information is all served up in easy to understand content, all filtered to reduce bias.

All the information provided is supported by the source material, which is available for you to see too - because when we say transparency is important, we mean it!

Once you've learned about a destination, you can decide whether you support that option, or not.

You get to do this for each of the four options, so you might support one, or all, or some, or none of them.

We call this a destinational consensus approach, which is another way of saying 'finding out what we all agree on, and then using that as the starting point to build the world we want, together.'

After you've chosen which of the destinations you can live with, you can check your responses, then submit them.

Your votes are cast to the blockchain, which means only you can know what you submitted, but everyone can see all the votes combined, without knowing who voted for what.

The destination that gains the most support above 60% becomes MiVote's position for that issue. These positions can then assist legislators to craft laws that take your community closer to the future you decided on, together.

MiVote believes elected representatives have a responsibility and legal obligation to listen and uphold the will of their people. The MiVote Platform has been designed to offer voters a secure, easy to use and ongoing opportunity to remain informed about important issues and ensure their voice is heard and heeded by those in power.

Why is transparency so important to MiVote?

Because we know it's important to you!

We speak with people all sorts of people all over the world about democracy, and one of the things that comes up time and time again, from Scotland to India to the USA, is people often feel their politicians are in it for themselves, the party, and the donors.

Transparency means letting you see how MiVote works, how decisions are made, how votes are developed, what information is being offered and where it comes from and, (this is one we hear ALL THE TIME!) where the money is coming from and going to.

Without transparency, it's hard for the community to know what's happening in their world today, or know where they stand. A community needs information in order to hold their government accountable, because if you don't know where you are, how can you possibly decide where you want to go, or recognise it when you arrive?!

How does MiVote ensure equality for all voices?

Politics professors, indigenous community representatives, judges, lawyers, former Australian Prime Ministers, US Governors, Senators and Congressmen - from all sides of politics - advocates for young people, people living with disability, people living in regional and remote areas, the elderly, business, religious groups, and many more, have all been through our model with a fine toothed comb. And all have told us that we're onto something.

The result is a policy model that has protections for all voices baked in to its core. No vote content is released to the public until community representatives in our advisory committees have had an opportunity to review and comment to say how a proposed destination may affect them.

After the advisory committees are consulted, the vote content then goes through more checks and balances, including an ethics committee and a governance committee. And sitting under all of this is MiVote's values:

  • The people's voice
  • An informed community
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • No special interest or corporate money or influence
  • Secularism
  • Equality of opportunity

When it comes time to have your say, everyone is given an equal opportunity to participate.

We're working hard to ensure accessibility for multiple languages, people with different learning ability, people with vision and hearing impairment, and more. We're also finding community partners to make sure everyone has access to the technology so they can have their say, no matter where they are.

How is MiVote non-partisan?

Here's a fun little activity, give it a try, if you like -

Ask yourself: is there any group, organisation, political party, sports club, family group, religious belief or any other group that you agree with every single time on every single thing?

Our current system of partisan politics presumes to have all the answers for you, before they even know what the question is! But what we hear from people all the time is that they may agree with a certain group on some things, but not others.

MiVote doesn't presume to have any of the answers until after we have asked the community to decide for themselves. Instead of telling, we ask what you want and we do it on every single issue, not just once every few years.

MiVote is interested in enacting the informed will of the people. We do this by giving you access to facts, in context, then asking you, once you've had the chance to understand what we're talking about, how you would like to approach that issue.

How does MiVote take money out of politics?

MiVote does not accept any corporate or special interest money. EVER.

That doesn't mean we won't take large donations - not for profit life is tough! It does however mean that if you would generously like to make a contribution to the MiVote movement your name, and the amount you have contributed, will be published for anyone to see.

What's more, if you are kind enough to make a contribution, that money goes to the movement. We'll use it to do things like run more votes, or improve the platform, or make it easier for people to participate, or help the community get a representative that is accountable to them. Your money won't go to influencing a vote, or swaying the policy team - it all goes into the same bucket and it's all used to do democracy better

Is MiVote a political party?

No. MiVote is a global not for profit democratic movement offering a platform to enable equal and informed community decision-making.

It’s a website and device-agnostic app you can become better informed with, then vote with on how you want to be represented. It's unbiased, easy to understand research that can be found in one place.

MiVote is a way of separating politics from the seedy underbelly. No toeing the party line, no buying access and no ideological lobby groups. Only empowered users and their ideas here, thanks.

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